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Carolina Avionic Building

Our team of professionals at Carolina Avionics & Aircraft Interiors has been specializing in the avionics and interior business since 1972. Experienced in business jets, turboprops, piston singles and twins, helicopters, air ambulance aircraft, amphibians, vintage/classics, military/government special missions aircraft, and warbirds, our technicians offer a broad spectrum of expertise in custom interior refurbishments, avionics installations (most major brands), and complete A & P maintenance services to accommodate most general aviation aircraft from large to small – providing a full range of services as a “One Stop Service…Under One Roof” facility.

Based at the Mid-Carolina Regional Airport (KRUQ – Rowan County) in Salisbury, North Carolina, the field has a 5500′ runway with ILS/LOC, RNAV (GPS), and NDB approaches. Located 36 NM northeast of Charlotte (CLT), we are conveniently positioned in the center of the U.S. East Coast for easy access.

FAA Certified Repair Station (QCCR389K)
FAA-DOT Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Approved – FAR Part 135

Gary Jenkins is the owner and avionics manager of Carolina Avionics Group LLC, and has been in the business since 1972. He received his avionics training while in the United States Army and has had continuous extensive training in all phases of avionics. Gary holds an A & P license, an FAA pilots license, and a wide variety of avionics certifications. For many years, he was Manager of Avionics for US Airways at the carrier’s main East Coast maintenance center in Charlotte, NC, gaining extensive experience as head of the department. He additionally was head of the avionics instructor team, leading the training program for global flight crews on newly installed systems.

Gary Jenkins Sitting at Desk